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Marc's Concrete Decorating, Inc.


Oil Resistant

Mildew Resistant

Easy to clean

Cool to the touch

Fade Resistant

Freeze/Thaw Resistant





 Frequently Asked Questions 
  • Is this just paint?
    No, Its overlay system that has approx. 7 different steps to complete your surface. Its a complete resurface. Not just a paint job.

  • Will it crack again?
    Yes, Cracks can come back. Even though the cracks are repaired. We are at the mercy of the concrete. If it cracks then so can any coating.

  • What do you do with cracks?
    Cracks are cut open with a concrete saw. A 2 part epoxy is poured into the opened crack. Then the rest of the application is done to hide/level the cracks.

  • Do you warranty cracks?
    No, But most repaired cracks only come back as thin hairline cracks. And if they are repaired again the out come will be the same.

  • What is the product you use?
    In the process of resurfacing your concrete there are many products used. But the main products used are portland cement base mixed with a bonding agent for permanant adhesion to the exsisting surface. Then it is sealed with a Acrylic or Xylene clear or colored sealer.

  • How long does it take?
    Most jobs are two to three days depending on weather. However much larger jobs or smaller jobs will differ.

  • Is it slippery?
    Typically NO, however there is a detergent in the dsealer while it is curing and the first few times it gets wet it can be a bit slippery. Once cured it is Non-skid.

  • How long will it last?
    It is a permanant coating.

  • Do I ever have to re-seal it?
    If you job is done in colored sealer, you should only need to reseal if you are choosing to change the color.

  • When can we use it again?
    Driveways- Driveable after 3 days depending on weather conditions. But can be walk on within a few hours of completion. Other areas- Furniture should be kept off for a minumum of 3 days for curing. But can be walked on within a few hours of completion.

  • How many colors do I choose from?
    The options are almost endless. However on hand colored jobs the selection is limited.

  • Do you have sub contractors?
    No, Marc will be giving the estimates and completing your job himself. Thats how we keep our quality.

  • How messy is this going to be?
    Marc will treat your home/business as his own. With care and respect.

  • Are you licensed and insured?
    Yes, I am insured. However, Hernando county has done away with it's licensing for businesses like this.

  • Do you pour concrete?
    Not typically, But in some situations I will.

Marc's Concrete Decorating, Inc.
6008 Freeport Drive
Spring Hill, FL 34606

(352) 596-7025 or (813) 842-2625

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